BID, registered interior designer




A graduate from the University of Manitoba’s Interior Design program, Alyssa’s designs are a harmonious combination of sculptural space, crisp details, function, art and carefully considered lighting.  She is a modernist at heart with a passion for heritage retention and is most excited when opportunities arise to bring the past and present together.

She is keenly interested in the psychology of interior design – the power of a space to influence our emotions … to excite, inspire, comfort … or, on the flip side, to repel.  Currently Alyssa is engaged in an investigation of neurodiversity and the built environment – designing interiors that connect with a neurodiverse population and seeking to understand the type of built environments neurodiverse people gravitate to and why.

Prior to establishing BlueFish Design Studio, Alyssa worked at a variety of large and small design firms in Vancouver.  This has afforded her a diverse portfolio of projects both in scope and use – hotels, restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities, sports facilities and private homes.  Amongst the most memorable projects in her past is Vancouver’s Terminal City Club (1998).  

Outside of interiors, Alyssa maintains a longstanding passion for urban design and is the co-founder of the Mount Pleasant (Vancouver) Heritage Group.  She was a member of Gastown’s Historic Area Planning Committee (City of Vancouver) in 2022 and a panelist for Heritage Vancouver’s Shaping Vancouver Series in 2018: Change in Living Communities – Mount Pleasant and the SkyTrain.

For 20 years she has been a mentor to the next generation of professional interior designers and actively pushing the professional realm of interior design forward as a member of the Interior Designers Institute of BC (IDIBC).  Alyssa is a past president of IDIBC (2011-2013), member of the IDIBC board of governors and current chair of the prestigious IDIBC Shine Awards. 

Outside of the office she can be found in the woods pedalling up cross country mountain bike trails.